Thursday, November 20, 2014

Still Standing spray review

Still Standing In My Favorite Heels

Today, I have a special post for you featuring an amazing giveaway for a product called Still Standing!
I was sent Still Standing to sample before wearing heels to prevent my feet from hurting. We all love our stilettos, but lets be honest, they. hurt. Still Standing is a patent-pending formula, made with cooling menthol, aloe, ilex, and organic arnica, that you spray on your feet before wearing your heels.
I tried it and noticed a big difference in how my feet felt after wearing heels for a few hours. I also used it before wearing my painful adorable flats and it worked wonders!

This giveaway will include one large bottle, one small bottle (perfect for your handbag), and a $5Starbucks gift card! I am carrying the small bottle in my bag at all times now!
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